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Created for the Clark County Historical Museum

Created for Clark County Historical Museum

Logo created for my family's future brewing company. In this design I focused on typography as well as simplicity.

This is a near exact replica of the actual VW Dune Buggy. When I created the Bug Out poster, I wanted to use my Dune Buggy as the main feature. In this design concept, I focused on layers, shadows, and being detailed.

Example of a movie poster. Created in Photoshop, compiled of 6 layers

Inspired by the Star Wars show, the Mandalorian. This design was a little more challenging because of the shadowing and layers. The hardest part of this design was the eyes. I wanted to recreate the "cuteness" that baby yoda has, without giving it a cartoon appearance.

An example of a car show poster with an emphasis on typography

These logos were created for a student art club at WSUV called ArtX. They wanted a couple different variations of the logo colors to use for various platforms.

Cafe Racer is a style of motorcycle. One of my good friends is motorcycle enthusiastic and has an appreciation for this particular style. Using my friends helmet as a reference, I designed this illustration around the Cafe Racer concept.

This sticker concept was inspired by the song "blue suede shoes" by Elvis Presley and my love for converse shoes. I wanted to emphasize color and typography in this design. With a lot of my designs, I imagine in my mind how it'll look and then take that image and turn it into a digital illustration.

This gamer profile was inspired by using a beanie cap and the silhouette of the gamer's head. I used an image as a reference to draw the outline of his head along with the beanie cap. This particular gamer tag was specific to the gamer.



Broken glass series
Broken glass series
Broken glass series- Diptych
Computer piece series