Multimedia Design | Social Media Marketing

Every Nation Campus is a campus ministry whose mission is to grow and engage with students. Since August 2019, I have been co-managing the social media account for WSUV Every Nation Campus, also known as enc_vancougs. One of my main tasks is creating posts and stories that get their followers involved and build awareness. When posting photos, I take into consideration aesthetics of the picture itself, but also how it fits with the rest of the photos as a whole.
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Social media has a huge impact on society. It influences the way we dress and sometimes how we act. It allows us to view the lives of others through a digital portal. In summer of 2018, Adidas launched their newest product, the Adidas Falcon. It was a rebrand of the original that was produced during the late 80s. The new shoe resembled similar style of the 80s with its bold colors and chunky heel. Both the producers and the public were excited to launch it. The company had high expectations for the release, but were quickly disappointed. They hoped based on feedback from the public that people would be placing orders to purchase their Adidas Falcon. After a month of the launch and no change in results, Adidas came up with a new solution. They realized they needed a “face” to help sell them. The Adidas company teamed up with well known social media influencer, Kylie Jenner. Simply by having Kylie “leak” that she was teaming up with the company, Adidas quickly gained awareness in a short amount of time. To see the full article with social media snapshots click here .